Measuring for DIY blinds is one of the easiest things you can do. You see, a “Free Measure & Quote” service actually has an inbuilt labour cost within it, and that cost is built into the end cost of your blinds. So what we’re going to show you today is how to do it yourself, and save than end cost.

Measuring for Blinds:

Face Fit:

If you’re measuring for a face fit blind, you simply measure the full width of the top of the architrave. You will see here that this window is 1,546mm wide - mark that down as the width.
Then you measure the drop in the centre of the window. As you can see here, this window is 1,297mm long.

Recess Fit:

For recess fit, you measure much the same way but on the inside of the architrave. For recess fit, you measure the width in three places – top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest measurement for the width [of a recess fit blind].
For the drop, it is sufficient in most cases to measure the centre measurement only.

Measuring for Plantation Shutters:

Face Fit Shutters:

For the width, you measure much the same way as you do blinds, but measure top (A), centre (B) and bottom (C).
For the drop of a face fit shutter, again like measuring for blinds, measure in three places, left (D), centre (E), and right (F).

Recess Fit Shutters:

For the width measurement on recess fit, again, same method as the blinds top (A), centre (B) and bottom (C).
And for the drop, left (D), centre (E), and right (F).

Extra measurement for plantation shutters:

The one thing extra you’ll be required to do for shutters is to measure the window depth. So, find the furthest protruding item – usually the handle or lock – and measure from that item to the front of the window frame.

…and you’re done! It’s that simple!


Now just a quick tip- when you’re entering the measurements on the order page, make sure you don’t make any adjustments to the window size. The factory will actually make minor adjustments to make sure the blinds work smoothly and effortlessly within the window frame sizes you give us.

So, if you’ve got any questions or you feel like your scenario is slightly different than what we’ve show you here today, then feel free to call our one three hundred number 1300 195 797 – 24 hours a day, we’ve got staff there ready to answer your questions. Or, send us an email and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Alternate Instructions:

Note: Use a steel tape measure for all measurements

Recess Fit

(Blind is mounted on the inside of the window frame)

1. Measure the internal width of the window frame from edge to edge. Measure in 3 areas, Top, Middle and Bottom. Be exact, to the nearest millimetre.
Note down the smallest measurement, as this is what will be used when you order your blind.

2. Measure the internal drop of the window from the top down to the sill.

Face Fit

(Blind is mounted on the outside of the window frame, typically on the architrave)

1. Measure the external width of the architrave framing the window, from edge to edge; measuring at the very top of the window frame where the blind will be mounted. Be exact, to the nearest millimetre.

2. Measure the external drop of the architrave framing the window, from top to bottom edge. Be exact, to the nearest millimetre.