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Our online therapists are here to help.

With the secure e-therapy app you can have sessions with your therapist anywhere and any time. Although the e-therapy system is about online functions (video/audio/chat), it also accommodates face to face sessions, and secure email, so you have many options to make sure you can get the assistance you need.

Search for therapists by therapy type, location, gender, language. Check qualifications, make sure you understand the fees, available session dates and times should be an easy process for you, make sure you feel confident with the therapist you choose. You can always try others too, you are free to change as you need.

If you have any issues with the site, or the app, please contact us at any time and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible, with a solution. Remember that although these new technologies open up a thousand new possibilities, there are also limitations  - your phone, the internet ..... we do our best to continually improve and enhance the service, so any feedback is useful. We are striving for perfection and to make e-therapy a delight to use .... we are all in the same boat however, so be patient if you do have any problems, and let us know.


Safe & Secure is a system created to provide secure online counselling services for a wide variety of clients using direct (written) chat or live video interaction, and also by secure email. All services are contained within the system and all data is securely managed within our servers.

Qualified and Accredited therapists

For your protection, therapists are required to hold appropriate qualifications in order to offer their services through this site, and be registered with recognised organisations or associations. Note: Qualifications and ‘Best Practice’ may differ from country to country, so please check with your selected therapist to ensure they can provide the right level of service for you.

Local and accessible caters for all countries and time zones, so you should be able to find and register with therapists local to you.

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