• No. The system has been developed to operate on as low bandwidth as possible, so it can support therapists and clients who do not have the 'latest and greatest' connections. For clients, the sessions are conducted using the phone apps, so the quality of the connection can affect the quality of the video or audio. We have however also included the chat function to cover such issues, and of course the secure email facility.

    The term usuallyrefers to a counsellor, or psychotherapist, psychologist, or indeed a practitioner in manay areas of mental or physical support The system can however be used by any other professionals who need a secure site to create sessions to contact and chat with their clients. The site is open to other professional services such as nutritionists, and/or many other types of health professionals.

    This operates in the same way as a normal domain, but allows a specific address within that domain. uses sub-domains to give each therapist their own uniqueaddress on the system, which then also enables their clients to navigate to them directly.

    PDF (Portable Document Format) is a a file format designed to enable printing and viewing of documents with all their formatting; typefaces, images, and layout, appearing the same regardless of what operating system is used, so a PDF document should look the same on any system.
    If your therapist sends you a pdf file to read before starting your first session, you will need a pdf reader (download free from the internet) to access that file.

  • The client or therapist can book sessions online. These can be set calendar times, requested times, or using your own developed template based on weekly times etc. Booking is very easy once you have regostered on the system for both you and the client. The therapist online calendar clearly indicates when  sessions are available or booked, and there are also a number of computer generated emails in the system to assist with setup and bookings.

    A session is the time a therapist and a client arrange to connect and chat to each other on line. This session can be arranged by the therapist or the client. These session chats are totally secure behind firewalls and are only available at the time of the session to the therapist and client. Sessions can be Video, Audio, text chat, or a combination of them all using app to app or pc to app - or offline.
    Go to the therapist, find a suitable available time, book it. Download the app, and at the session time, login and click on the session. It will open, and you will be with the therapist.

  • Clients pay using credit card, through the STRIPE secure payment gateway. When payment is received, the site fees are deducted, and the remainder paid straight into the therapist's bank account.

    All payments on the site are protected by ssl encryption, and use the STRIPE secure payment gateway. No credit card details are stored on the site at any time.

    Pricing plans are available on the Plans page. You can choose different options based on your usage level. There is an initial registration fee which we use to cover checking the qualifications and documentation uploaded by the therapist. This is renewed/checked every 12 months. Apart from that there is a small fee added for each booking to cover credit card processing and other costs. When a booking is paid for, that fee is deducted from the total, and the remainder paid directly to the therapist bank account, typically within 48 hours.

    No, all bookings made on the site use the STRIPE secure payment gateway. You will be asked to provide some specific business detail  information to set up your merchant account with STRIPE, only so they can confirm your details in order to pay you - you are not entering into any arrangement with any third party.

  • we use ncrypted usernames/passwords for therapist and client access, unique data repositories for each therapist, servers on subnets behind multiple hardware firewalls. For clients, sessions are conducted on your phone. Email therapy is managed in and out of the e-therapy server, with no external access.

    A Firewall ss a combination of hardware and software that separates a Network into two or more parts to create secure areas on a website..and yes is sited behind 2! Security is a very big part of our focus. None of our service is located or stored in 'the cloud', or offsite. The servers are located in our datacentre in Alexandria, Sydney.

  • A client can contact any therapist directly through the system and they can contact e-therapy site admin for technical problems through our main Contact page. For website, technical or other issues, we endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

    If you are registering as a therapist on the system registration is very quick, approval probably on the same day, and you would then possibly spend a bit more time fine tuning your professional profile and photo if you use one. Organising your available session times is simple and fast, so you will be ready for business max 24 hours ......

    Yes - every therapist has their own unique url within the e-therapy system - e.g. Therapists can use this link from ther own website, or give it to clients so they can go directly to the page.

    No it is not based on any previously created product and it has been completely developed by Silvertrees Web development over the past 7 years (updated as required to follow new technologies), who are also available to respond to any concerns to keep improving the system. So - any ideas? Let us know.
    Please note: Different versions of the system are also available for practices to operate themselves, to include their own therapists only, and for hospitals/universities and larger companies etc who need to deliver counselling services for staff/students etc.

    The system manages session creation, bookings, chat logs, therapist/client information securely and in a way that is easily audited. You can of course do any amount of counselling 'outside' the system, but the corresponding admin and record keeping would all need to be managed by yourself. the setting of session 'start' and 'finish' times within the system also add a degree of 'official organisation' that we have found greatly assists the process of working online. The system combines calendar, booking, payment, and actual session performance as one secure product. The apps are standalone, and FREE.
    Very importantly too - the system is ONLY for this purpose, not a general public open communication function, or owned by any huge multicorporate that only wants you to use their systerms so they can capture your data for markeitng.

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