Approximately 90% of all blinds sold in Australia are Roller Blinds, they’re also the easiest to install. Whether it’s a double blind, a single blind or a dual blind, the process is exactly the same. Four screws and a simple click into place and it’s done! Let me show you how easy it is.

Find the bracket for the chain end. This is for a single roller and this bracket is for a double (or dual) roller blind.

And find the brackets for the opposite end.

Face Fit:

For face fit applications you simply screw them to the face of the architrave.

Recess Fit:

For recess fit, with the chain bracket, place it on the side you’ve ordered your chain to be.

Place it up to the window frame and to the front of the window recess. Drill two screws into any of the holes on the bracket.

With the opposite side, do exactly the same.

Now grab your roller blind and insert the chain side into the bracket. Now lift the blind and slide the pin through the guide – and you’re in!

Turn the adjuster clockwise to fill any gaps.

NOTE: Gap exaggerated in this video to show the gap elimination feature. The gap for your blind at home wont be this large.


If you ever need to remove the blind, twist the adjuster anti-clockwise and it will retract the holding pin.

Test the operation of the blind.

Fitting the safety device:

Next we fit the child safety device. Fitting the safety device is extremely simple, but one of the most important parts of the job.

First, click the guide over the chain. Raise it a few centimetres above the length of the chain so that it will freely move when you want to use the blind. And double check it doesn’t for a loop of 22cm or greater.

View Australian regulations for safety devices on blinds here.

Always screw the safety device into a firm surface like this timber window frame using the screws provided. Never screw into soft surfaces, such as plaster walls as the safety device will too easily pull out.

Give it another test and you’re done.

So, it’s that easy! If you’ve got any questions or you think you’ve got a scenario different to what we’ve show you here today, then feel free to call our customer service team 24 hours a day: 1300 195 797. Or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.