Plantation shutters have been around for centuries and are still one of the most popular window furnishings. There’s a perception that they’re high cost, but buying online and doing it yourself, you can actually save quite a bit of money. Let me show you how easy it is to install!

Step 1: Installing the frame.

With your blinds unpacked, take your frame.

Hidden Frame (Recess Fit):

For a hidden frame, mark 30mm in from the front of the window frame in 3 places on the height and width.

Line up the hang strip with the hinge facing forward along the 30mm line. Take the time to make sure this part is precise – it will make the rest of the installation much easier.

Screw them into place. You should use at least one screw per hinge.

Take the light block piece and line up along the 30mm marks and also screw into place – typically one on each end and another in the middle is usually sufficient.

Framed Shutter:

For a framed shutter, the frames are marked top bottom left and right.

Place the frame face down on a soft surface like carpet, a rug or towel as to not damage the face of the frame.

Join the frame together, tap really gently with a hammer if required.

Recess Fit Framed Shutter:

For a recess fit, using a straight edge as a guide, line the shutter frame to the front of the window.

Screw in the four corners of the frame.

Now place another screw for every hinge.

Screw the top and bottom at least on the four corners and centre.

Face Fit Framed Shutter:

Note: Face fit frames are typically made the same size as your architrave. For larger frames such as this one, please call 1300 195 797 for advice.

For a face fit, line the top of the frame, with the top of the architrave. Screw in the centre top and then the two corners.
Repeat with the bottom and sides.

Step 2: Installation of Shutter Panels

Take your shutter panel. Shutter louvres always face upwards when fully closed (and hinge faces forward), so this one is the left shutter as the hinge is on the left.

Insert the shutter panel into the hinges and insert the hinge pin provided.

Test the open and close.


If the shutter panel is touching the top or bottom of the window frame, you can adjust the shutter by slightly loosening the hinge screws and raising or lowering the panel.

Once adjusted, insert the locking screw. Remove the double sided tape and insert the cover strip.

For a face fit, it looks something like this.

So, it’s that easy! If you’ve got any questions or you think you’ve got a scenario different to what we’ve show you here today, then feel free to call our customer service team 24 hours a day: 1300 195 797. Or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Installation Instructions: Bi-Fold Plantation Shutter Installation Instructions Click to download PDF