Join e-therapy is secure, easy to use, and can provide a complete end-to-end session booking system - from calendars to payment. The system is built to allow for face to face sessions, secure email therapy, and online - video, audio, and text chat, using the secure e-therapy app.

For those looking for help, when you register, this will enable you to search for therapists, or to directly access a therapist, and make the process of booking and carrying out sessions quicker and easier. Each therapist will have their own booking system, and you can check availability on their calendar, session fees and so on. You will also be able to view specific information about any therapist you choose, on their site page, to make sure they are the best choice for you.


Easy to use:
simply register, search and book appointments with the practitioner of your choice. Compare qualifications, fees, areas of therapy or counselling. Can be online or face to face as situations permit

Free phone apps:
download low impact android and iphone apps to carry out secure sessions using HD video, audio, or mix text chat with either, all with single click operation 

Secure encrypted sessions:
all online sessions are fully encrypted, all payments use the STRIPE secure gateway, all services are provided through our Australian servers (Alexandria, Sydney)

No travel requirement:
you don't have to go anywhere to carry out your sessions. Save time and money, and stress. Especially if you live in a remote area, you have easy options for secure email, and video or chat ...

Flexible times:
choose session times that make sense for you - maybe after work hours, or on the weekend, depending on the therapist availablility, and your own

Flexible session types:
you don't have to do EITHER online or face to face. Book ongoing sessions with the same system, but choose to meet in person, or through the online interfaces, and change as you require

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