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we appreciate that many practitioners are either starting out in business and trying to find both a venue, and clients, so it is difficult to know how successful those processes will be. There are also many experienced practitioners who are looking for new ways to securely interact with your clients, so what you need is a secure cost-effective mechanism for that. The plan options hopefully reflect that. Please also note that we have tried to keep the e-therapy system entirley usage based, so if you have a period of time where you are not runninig online sessions, then it effectivley costs you nothing. We do need to check accreditation and other details for all practitioners, so we can provide potential clients with a high quality selection of qualified people, that is the only other charge. We need to redo these checks on a yearly basis. 

practice solutions  - multiple practitioners

we have also developed a fully secure 'practice' system, which is available for any practice, hospital, or indeed any other organisation that requires a mechanism for booking, payment, and performance of both online ad offline sessions.

system features:
​booking calendar and request functions
add as many practitioners as required
co-ordinator role to assign sessions to any practitioner
comprehensive logging
secure online sessions - pc to app, app to app
free apps
online sessions
offline sessions
video, audio, text chat functions

the e-therapy practice solution can be integrated with current websites or online systems, and payment mechanisms if required. Pricing is based on a low licence fee, and minimal charges per session, so the solution can remain cost effective, directly reflecting usage levels - and immediately put your business online. 

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